Nestle Girl Scout Crunch S’mores Recipe~ Let’s Get Her To Camp

I’m a regular contributor at and I’m excited to be working with them right now on a campaign with Nestle Crunch for the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Bars which are in stores now for a limited time! I used to be a Girl Scout myself, so I know how fun and important the Girl Scout camp is to young girls. Nestle is teaming up with Girl Scouts to help send girls to camp. Read more

We love to camp out in our own back yard, so I thought I’d share a quick s’mores recipe using the Nestle Girl Scout Crunch Bars for the chocolate. They got 2 thumbs up from my son!

Nestle girl scout crunch marshmallow smores recipe

Nestle Girl Scout Crunch S'mores Recipe
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • 1 graham cracker
  • large marshmallow
  • Nestle Girl Scout Crunch Fun Size Bar
  1. Roast a marshmallow over the campfire, or cook it for a few seconds in the microwave.
  2. Place the roasted marshmallow on top of one half of the graham cracker.
  3. Top it with the Nestle Crunch bar and top with the other half of the graham cracker.

Nestle gir scout crunch smores ingredients

Learn more about the Get Her to Camp campaign so we can get even more girls to camp, tell your story, and learn what to add to your camp packing list over at Momastic  read more…

Kid’s Camp Out Party Ideas

Do you love to camp in the great outdoors? Then a camp out party may be the perfect party theme for you. Perfect for boys or girls, this is a party theme that is great for all ages and can be done on a minimal budget. Take a look below at how we created our own kid’s camp out party ideas for a kid’s camping party, which was a hit with our birthday boy and our guests!

fun kids camp out party ideas

To make things easier, we will divide the party up into categories: Camping Party Food, Games, Décor, and Fun. The idea is to find a few themed ideas for each category. When you tie them all together, your theme (and fun!) will really pop. Let’s get started!

Some food ideas for your camping themed party could be a hot dog bar, hamburgers, or other grilled favorites. Don’t forget plenty of simple cook out like sides such as potato chips, fruit salad, and pasta salad. For dessert, you can enjoy these easy to make S’mores Pops.

Now, let’s look at how you can make these adorable Campfire Cupcakes. They are the perfect alternative to a birthday cake.

easy camping cupcakes idea

Campfire Cupcakes Recipe:

Chocolate cupcake mix
White frosting
Red, yellow food coloring
Pretzel sticks
Mini marshmallows

1. Prepare and cook your cupcakes to package directions. Allow them to cool.
2. You now want to make two shades of frosting: red and orange. Mix red and yellow food coloring to make orange, and red coloring to make a solid red.
3. In a piping bag, add BOTH frosting colors. It is ok that they mix and mesh.
4. Add a piping tip to your piping bag OR just spread on the frosting mixture with a knife. Notice how the two colors mix to make “flames.”
5. Top each cupcake with a mini pretzel stick with a mini marshmallow added to the end.

The finished Campfire Cupcake looks just like a marshmallow being roasted over a fire!

Looking for more food ideas?

15 Great Family Campfire Ideas

Camp Out Party Games:
What is a party without games? Here are a few you can play during your camping themed party. These are games for all ages and sure to add some excitement!

Bear Hunt
Have the children sit in a circle. You are now going to go on a bear hunt! The idea is for the children to repeat after the adults, all while clapping their hands on their knees to make the sound of walking. Here is how the rhyme will go:

Going on a Bear Hunt (children repeat all these lines after you…)
Gonna catch a bear!
Oh no! I see a _________! (Here you will insert the adventure, a lake, a field, a mountain, etc.)
Can’t go under it!
Can’t go over it!
Have to go through it! (Now you make the sounds and motions of swimming, running, climbing, etc.)

On the final verse, you go into a cave and see a bear! Now you “run” back home, going through all of the obstacles you ran into named above. Add as many sounds and motions as you can!

Bug Hunt
For the bug hunt, give each child a net and bug carrier from the dollar store. Each child is free to raom around the yard and see what critters they can find. Whether they find an ant, lady bug, or butterfly or turn up dry, they still enjoy exploring!

Leaf Prints:
Give children some craft paint, paper, and fresh leaves. Allow them to apply paint to the leaves and press them to the paper to create stamps. The images the leaves create are quite unique and fun.

Get your party space looking festive with these décor ideas. All of these are simple enough even for the less experienced crafter, and are fun enough even for children to help with. The idea is to create a campsite feel for the space that is natural, laid back, and fun!

Kid’s DIY Camp Out Party Decorating Ideas

Mini Camp Site
Nothing will invite your guests to a camp themed party like a mini campsite. To create ours, we used a small tent we found at a discount store for just $15. We set up some pop up chairs around it, blankets, and some logs of wood for a pretend fire. Kids loved eating round this little set up and adults actually sat down and visited around it as well. You can add any other details you wish such as stuffed animals, camp supplies, etc.

backyard camping

Camp Supplies:
We had a selection of camp supplies greeting guests when they arrived. On a chalkboard we wrote “camp supplies” and pointed children in that direction. In this stash we had bug nets and catchers, lanterns, bubbles, and chalk. You can add any other supplies you wish. We were able to find all of these items at our local dollar store, helping us create a space that was decorative and functional on a budget.

Let's Go Camping Party Pack Add-On for 8

Party Supplies: Let’s Go Camping Party Packs

There are plenty of items you can add to your camp themed party to make it even more festive. We had a vintage camper that we hung our bunting from and invited guests to visit around. If you know someone with a camper who may be willing to set up, this can be a fun detail.

Check Etsy or Ebay for camping themed clothing. There are all sorts of children’s shirts and onesies with tents and campers on them for the birthday child to wear.

Enjoy a bon fire or game of flashlight tag if your party goes into the evening.

Send guests home with a party favor such as the trail mix bags we mixed up. Here is how you can make your own.

camp out party favor bags

Trail Mix Party Favors

Supplies needed:
Plastic snack bags
M&M’s candies
Banana chips
Mini marshmallows

Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl stirring well. Place half of a cup of mix in each bag and secure with twine. If you wish, you can allow each child to assemble their own, or, create a trail mix bar for guests to create a mixture of their favorite.

We placed our bags on the tables as décor, so they served that function as well as a party favor function.

See how easy it can be to create a fun yet frugal camping themed party? Give these ideas a try and you can create the ultimate camping party too!

Kid’s DIY Camp Out Party Decorating Ideas

If you’re planning a kid’s camp out party this summer, and you’re looking for easy DIY camp out party decorating ideas, we have some to share with you! Since we’ve been talking quite a bit about camping and camp out parties I thought I’d share some quick and easy party decorating ideas.


Camp Bunting Banner

Supplies needed:
Camp themed scrapbook paper
Peel and stick letters

Head to your local craft store for some camp themed scrapbook paper. We found quite an assortment at Hobby Lobby.

1. Cut the scrapbook paper into triangles. They should each be somewhat even to each other.
2. Line your triangles up in a row. You will need one for each letter in CAMP and for each letter of the child’s name. It is also helpful to cut out a few extra.
3. Peel and stick your letters to the triangle (one per triangle) so they read CAMP and CHILD’s NAME. For example, CAMP DINO, the nickname of our birthday boy.
4. Use your glue or tape to secure the triangles in order to some twine. We created one string of banner with the words CAMP and one with the child’s name.

Hang your camp themed bunting banner at the entrance of your party to welcome your guests to camp!

camp out party decorating banner

Camping Centerpieces
Create your own camping themed centerpieces that are sure to dress up your tables for less.

camp out party centerpiece idea

Supplies needed:
Camp themed scrapbook paper
Red bandana or natural wood themed scrapbook paper
Canning jars
Assorted sticks and twigs
Peel and stick letters
Scissors and glue

1. Begin by cutting a strip of camp themed scrapbook paper to fit around the canning jar. Cut to fit and secure with glue.
2. Peel and stick the first letter of the child’s name to the front of the jar.
3. Wrap a piece of twine around the jar and tie into a bow.
4. Fill the jar with assorted sticks and twigs. (FREE!)
5. Create a mini bunting banner by cutting a few small triangles and gluing them to twine. Hang the bunting from the sticks now resting in your jar.
6. Place the jar on a sheet of bandana or distressed wood scrapbook paper.

camp out party mason jar centerpiece idea
As you can see, the finished product ties together nicely to create a festive and frugal camping themed centerpiece.

Easy S’mores Pops Recipe

It’s definitely summer outside right now, and it’s the perfect time for a summer camp out with the family, or for your kids to have a fun time with their friends. We’ve been sharing some fun campout party ideas over the last few weeks, today we have a fun recipe for you. If you’re looking for a super fun treat idea for a kid’s campfire party, or even for a backyard bbq with family and friends, give this super easy s’mores pops recipe a try!

campfire smores pops recipeS’mores Pops Recipe:

Easy S'mores Pops Recipe
  • Graham crackers
  • Large marshmallows
  • Chocolate chips
  • Sticks or toothpics
  1. Begin by placing a few graham crackers in a baggie. Crush them until they are just crumbs.
  2. Melt your chocolate chips in a bowl. Just place them in a microwave for 15 seconds at a time, stirring frequently until smooth.
  3. Dip the ends of your marshmallows in the chocolate. The toothpicks or fondu stick make this task easier.
  4. Immediately dip the chocolate end into a bowl of graham cracker crumbs. Set aside to dry.


Once the chocolate is cool you are ready to enjoy! The best part is you can make these ahead of time and store them in an air tight container until party time! These are a great way to enjoy the flavors of s’mores without firing up the grill or the dangers of the live flames of a campfire.

Looking for more Kid’s Campfire party ideas check these out:

5 Fun Kids Party Games to Play with Straws

Planning a kid’s party? Next time you are at the dollar store, pick up a pack of colorful straws. For just a buck, you can come up with some fun kids party games to play with straws your party guests are sure to love. No fancy equipment is needed, just a few household items and your creativity. In no time, you can be playing fun, frugal, and skill building games. Take a look at these 5 fun kids party games to play with straws to get you started, then see if you can come up with some more on your own!


1. Bunny Tail Races
In this game, you take some cotton balls which act as your bunny tail. Draw a start line and finish line with chalk on the sidewalk. If playing indoors, just use some string or pipe cleaners to mark your start and finish. On GO, players need to blow into their straws to make the cotton ball move. The first person to get their cotton ball across the finish line wins.

2. Jewelry Fun
Use colorful straws to make your own jewelry. Cut the straws in various sized segments. String the segments onto string and tie the ends together to create necklaces or bracelets. Create various color combos and patterns to pack some punch!

3. Get Geometric.
Take a piece of construction paper and straws that have been cut into various segments. Try creating various shapes and objects using the straw pieces on the paper. You can glue them in place if you wish or place them and remove them to create more. Challenge each other to create various shapes and objects using the selection of straws.

4. Empty the Bowl.
Place a quarter, cotton ball, marshmallow, marble, and a few other small objects in a bowl. Give each person a pair of straws for them to use as they please to get the objects out of the bowl. Find creative ways to use these straws as tools. First person who gets all of their items out using only the straws wins.

5. Wind Art.
On a piece of paper, place a few drops of water color. Use your straws to blow the blobs of water color all over the paper. A very cool, very abstract painting will appear in no time. Add more colors if you wish and continue to blow the paint over the paper until you have the artwork to your liking.

See how much fun a simple package of straws can provide? Give these fun games a try and see how creative you can get! For a little money, you are sure to enjoy a lot of laughs!

100 Back To School Backpack Ideas under $25

I can’t believe we’re talking back to school already, but my son goes back to school in less than a month! I thought I’d share a collection of super cute back to school backpacks from Amazon that are all under $25, some of them much less! If you’re an Amazon prime member you can get many of these within a couple days and not pay any shipping. I’m an Amazon associate, so if you click through these links and make a purchase I may make a small commission. As always all opinions are my own!

kids back to school backpack ideas

  1. High Sierra Curve Backpack – $24.94
  2. JanSport Superbreak Backpack – $22.14
  3. Everest Luggage Basic Backpack – $14.27
  4. High Sierra Opie Backpack – $23.99
  5. Madden Girl Bskoolll Backpack – $19.19
  6. Trailmaker Girl’s Animal Leopard Printed Backpack - $19.99
  7. High Sierra Impact Backpack – $19.99
  8. Billabong Juniors Hi Triangle Backpack – $17.55
  9. Everest Luggage Multi Pattern Backpack – $14.99
  10. Trailmaker Girls Zebra Glitter Backpack – $24.99
  11. Hurley Juniors One and Only Backpack – $15.91
  12. Dakine Women’s Cosmo Backpack – $22.58
  13. Disney’s Little Mermaid Backpack – $24.99
  14. Skechers Strap Street Graffiti Backpack – $9.00
  15. Sonic the Hedgehog Backpack – $24.99
  16. Billabong Juniors Banjo Bloome Backpack – $19.38
  17. High Sierra Slash Backpack – $18.21
  18. Everest Slant Backpack – $9.71
  19. Everest Luggage Printed Pattern Backpack – $10.11
  20. Disney Planes Backpack – $15.00
  21. Everest Deluxe Small Backpack – $11.96
  22. Skechers Neo Leopard Backpack – $21.99
  23. Hello Kitty Hearts Backpack – $14.23
  24. Wildkin Fairies Sidekick Backpack – $21.99
  25. High Sierra Mugsy Backpack – $20.22
  26. Wildkin Majestic Crackerjack Backpack - $24.85
  27. My Little Pony Animal Print Backpack - $13.20
  28. Trailmaker Neon Glitter Backpack – $24.46
  29. Dickies Venice Suede Backpack – $14.39
  30. Lalaloopsy Backpack – $19.94
  31. Roxy Juniors Noble Trek Backpack – $24.00
  32. Teton Sports Backpack – $23.07
  33. Dickies Venice Backpack – $17.04
  34. Hello Kitty Glow in the Dark Backpack – $23.24
  35. High Sierra Synch Backpack – $20.68
  36. Minnie Mouse Print Backpack – $22.18
  37. Angry Birds Star Wars Backpack – $24.99
  38. Transformers Backpack – $15.21
  39. Hello Kitty 3D Bow Backpack – $10.68
  40. Volcom Juniors Rambler Canvas Backpack – $21.83
  41. Billabong Fashion Matters Backpack – $23.72
  42. Roxy Junior Going Coastal Backpack – $20.00
  43. Mi-Pac Nordic Backpack – $24.98
  44. Volcom Juniors Smalls Flannel Backpack – $12.51
  45. Tapout Logo Backpack - $20.99
  46. Skylanders Lenticular Backpack – $14.17
  47. Disney Frozen Backpack – $22.99
  48. Captin America Backpack – $24.99
  49. Mi-Pack Polkadot Backpack – $14.40
  50. Element Juniors Ryder Backpack – $20.08
  51. Hello Kitty Rainbow Animal Print Backpack – $13.85
  52. Jake, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time Backpack – $10.11
  53. Trailmaker Dinosauce Face Backpack- $19.99
  54. Super Mario Game Time! Backpack – $22.99
  55. Monster High Backpack – $22.99
  56. Sugar Skullettes Backpack – $25.00
  57. Groovy Zigzag Backpack – $24.99
  58. Mi-Pack Aloha Backpack – $9.36
  59. California Pack Rebound Backpack – $24.99
  60. Hello Kitty Turquoise Stars Backpack – $12.68
  61. Blue Skull Backpack with Headphones – $25.00
  62. Dakine Central Street Backpack – $23.97
  63. Everest Multi-Compartment Casual Backpack – $22.99
  64. Stephen Joseph Sidekick Backpack – $24.24
  65. J World New York Oz Backpack – $24.99
  66. Disney Cars McQueen Backpack – $24.99
  67. Rainbow Animal Print Backpack with Headphones – $24.99
  68. Paul Frank Die Cut Backpack – $24.99
  69. Mi-Pac Flag Backpack – $23.32
  70. Super Mario Backpack – $24.82
  71. Trailmaker Animal Printed Backpack – $24.99
  72. Caribee Campus Backpack – $24.40
  73. Paint Splatter Backpack - $19.99
  74. Hello Kitty Graffiti Backpack – $14.99
  75. Dakine Darby Backpack – $22.48
  76. Bright Pop Glitter Backpack – $19.99
  77. Hello Kitty Blue Bow Backpack – $19.99
  78. Trailmaker Printed Backpack with Pencil Case – $19.99
  79. Ecogear Glacier Backpack – $20.18
  80. Trailmaker Hearts Backpack – $19.99
  81. Skip Hop Zoo Polar Bear Backpack – $24.00
  82. School Smart Backpack – $15.99
  83. Trailmaker Zigzag Backpack – $19.99
  84. Sumdex Freestyle Backpack – $23.89
  85. Multiple Compartment Nylon Gray Backpack – $22.18
  86. MZB Express Backpack – $21.75
  87. Chinook Shadow Organizer Backpack – $24.95
  88. Dakine Transit Backpack – $22.36
  89. Toppers Sport Royal & Black Backpack – $24.94
  90. California Pak See Curve Backpack – $21.99
  91. Skip Hop Zoo Penguin Backpack – $24.00
  92. Sport Red & Black Backpack – $24.94
  93. Caribee Beach Freshwater Backpack – $14.28
  94. J World New York Lux Backpack – $24.94
  95. Kidzamo Bella Backpack – $17.06
  96. Dosho Design Backpack – $12.24
  97. Benrus Bulldog Backpack – $22.52
  98. Everest Dual Mesh Pocket Backpack – $22.72
  99. Big Dog Basic II Backpack – $21.18
  100. Everest Two-Tone Classic Backpack – $19.50

Fun Pool Party Game Ideas For Kids

Are you planning a fun pool party this sumemr? Pool party game ideas for kids focus on a special activity of interest to your child. Swimming, playing water games, simply making sand castles – all make good party games and activities. Host a swimming party at a pool with costumes and games, provide arts and crafts materials and let the kids create their own party. This way you can turn the ordinary into the fantastic.

kids pool party game ideas

Turn your pool into an ocean, your garden into a forest, and your patio into a pirate’s den. All you need is a handful of materials, such as crepe paper and cardboard, a giant helping of enthusiasm from family members, and a pinch of imagination to provide the special details that make the fantasy come alive. Voila! You have a one-of-a-kind celebration in a magical, new oceanic world!

Water wars

Make squirt birds from old plastic squirt bottles. Clean the bottles thoroughly, then let the kids draw funny faces on the tops of the bottles—birds, monsters, or whatever they like. Add beaks or other details with pom-poms or plastic margarine-tub cutouts. Secure with a glue gun. Take the Squirt Birds outside and have a water war.

Lasso Game

Have a lasso game in the pool to see how the kids are able to round up things while in water. Tie one end of a rope into hoop, and make the kids toss it around a make-believe seahorse or any other object in the pool. Conduct a one-legged contest of tag. Make all the kids swim to safety without being tagged to a specific side of the pool.

Silly Sports

Have a mini-game in the backyard or park, and play baseball, football, soccer, or other favorite sport. Put on a triathlon and play twenty minutes of each game to keep the kids on their floating toes! Use the basic rules for each game, but also have every player make up one silly rule for the new version. For example, rules for Silly Sport baseball may include the following: “All players must bat with one hand,” “Pitcher must toss the ball from a sitting position,” or “Base runners can only swim backwards.”

Sand Beach Games and Craft

You can always surround the pool with a few bags of sand. Let the kids make sand paintings with colored sand or salt. Instead of hosting a sand castle party in the summer, have a make-believe summer party in the winter. Use your imagination to pretend it’s cold when it’s hot, and vice versa. Make sand candles. Dig a hole in the sandbox, pour in wax, add a wick, and pull out a sand candle. Make your children believe they are in close proximity to the ocean, and you will help their imagination and creativity run wild.

These fun pool party games will ensure that every guest has a great time both in and out of the water.

Olfa is the founder of where she shares the latest educational toys for toddlers as well as party games for kids.  You can find her on Facebook and Twitter as well as Google+.

Favorite Things: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

I’m super excited to be pairing up with some of my favorite blogging friends to bring you the Favorite Things Summer Edition giveaway! Check out some of the fabulous prize packages available!

Our Favorite Things - SUMMER GIVEAWAY

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Cuisinart 2

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Easy DIY Decor Projects Using Duck® Shelf Liner

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently had the chance to check out Duck® brand’s adhesive and non-adhesive shelf liners. I'm a big Duck® brand fan, and I love to use their tapes to create crafts and other DIY projects, so I was excited to get my hands on the Duck Brand's Shelf Liner. These easy to use liners are an easy and decorative way to organize your kitchen, and other rooms, but I was most interested in creating a couple projects for my bedroom. Of course the shelf liner would be wonderful to line my dresser drawers, but I had a couple other projects in mind! 

I found a couple inexpensive picture frames at a local store on clearance, so I decided to use the  Duck® brand shelf liner as a matt for an old photo, and as a base for a dresser tray to hold my nail polishes and scented oils. The liners worked perfect for both of these projects! 

I used a fun red printed shelf liner in a antique gold frame for my dresser tray, and a textured tan shelf liner as a matt for my photo. 

I took the pages that were in the frames out to use them as a template/ pattern to cut the right size liner.

The Duck® brand shelf liners are super easy  to use, they come in different widths for different size projects. I cut one liner to fit the 8×10 frame as a background matt for my old photo, and I cut the other to fit the 11×17 frame for the dresser tray. 

I love how this beautiful red patterned shelf liner looked in my dresser tray. Here's the finished project:

This will be the perfect touch to organize my polishes and oils! 

I was also super excited with how easy it was to use the Duck® Shelf Liner as a background matt for a photo frame. Quick, easy and low cost! You could coordinate several frames with the same color for just the additional cost of the frames. Score! 

The 2 look very nice together on my dresser. 

Duck® brand’s adhesive and non-adhesive shelf liners come in several decorative colors, patterns, textures and sizes to meet any DIY and organizing needs. You can find more great Duck Brand's Shelf Liner projects and inspiration on their Pinterest and Facebook pages. Have you had a chance to work with Duck® Shelf Liners?


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Fun Kid Friendly Pool Party Recipe Ideas

When we think of summer around here, of course we also think of pool parties and swimming! I thought I’d put together a fun collection of kid friendly pool party recipes to share with you today!

This post is sponsored by Foodie. You can check out the full collection by clicking on any of the images in the widget below, or going directly to my Kid’s Pool Party Collection board on the Foodie website.

Check out Kids Pool Party Recipe Ideas

by Linette Pierce Gerlach at

I’ve included some fun recipes in this collection, including some great beverages, cupcakes, poolside snack ideas and some great beach ball theme ideas you can create. We’ve even got an idea that may get some of the kids to eat some poolside veggies!

Fun kids pool party recipe ideas

Here’s a little more on our favorite poolside treat ideas:
Peeps Beachside Drink~ Peeps are fun all year around! Add them to this fun drink and pop in a little umbrella and it’s sure to be a kid hit at any pool party!
Peanut Butter Banana Pinwheels~ A simple perfect snack to serve up poolside!
Simple Veggie Shooters~ Love this idea to get a little healthy into the party!
Beach Ball Pie~ So fun! The kids will love this and it makes a great addition to the pool party theme.
Beach Ball Fruit Pizza~ Another great addition to the pool theme. Kids will dig in and not even notice you’re serving them fruit with this fun pizza idea!
Fish Bowl Gelatin~ So fun, and perfect for a pool party dessert idea!
Watermelon Pops~ Keep these frozen until you’re ready to serve! Love the poolside presentation idea!
Wave Cookies~ So fun and so easy! The kids will love these.
Pool Cake Idea~ You can’t have a pool party without a cake! Love this fun pool party cake idea!
Flip Flop Beach Cupcakes~ If you don’t want to hassle with a cake, these cupcakes would be the perfect finishing touch for a fun pool party!
Strawberry Shortcake Cups~ Super easy to make, and great for little fingers!
Fruity Pebble Cupcakes~ Fun summer colors, and super simple presentation make these an instant hit!
Berry Smoothie Ice Pops~ Another fun poolside treat idea!
Cake Batter Ice Cream With Sprinkles~ Churn this up poolside in your ice cream maker, then serve it up for a cool alternative to cake!

These are some of our favorite kid friendly pool party recipe ideas. We’d love to hear yours!

Quenching Our Summer Thirst with Motts

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Mott’s blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.
In our area local schools are getting out for the summer. My son’s last day was last Friday, my niece is finishing up her year at the end of this week, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. They’re both super excited about summer, and about our beach vacation coming up in a few weeks! Of course summer break means I have to think about lunch, snacks, and of course drinks during the day. One of our favorite go to drinks to quench summer thirst is Mott’s.

motts fruit punch rush 2

My niece is super excited about a couple of the new Mott’s flavors: Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Mott’s Wild Grape Surge. She enjoys the bold thirst quenching flavors. She really enjoys the fruity flavor of Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush, but she loves the tart and bold flavors in Mott’s Wild Grape Surge. She gave both flavors a big smile and two thumbs up.

motts fruit punch rush

I’m excited Mott’s is made with real fruit juices, and features 40% less sugar* than fruit juices. I’m also happy to say there are no artificial sweeteners, and there is one fruit serving in 8 ounces**, along with 100% of the daily value of vitamin C!


We are heading out to the beach in a couple weeks for a large extended family vacation. We’ll have 8 kids on the trip! All of them will be quite active between the beach, sightseeing and the pool. We’re going to need plenty to drink! You can bet I’m going to be packing some of Mott’s new flavors along with us! I love their convenient 8 ounce bottles! They’re the perfect size for smaller hands, and the reclose-able twist on cap makes them perfect for the kids at the beach or poolside on our trip. We can close them up when they’re not drinking to keep out sand and to keep them from spilling if they’re accidentally tipped over. Score!

motts fruit punch rush and wild grape surge

I remember drinking Mott’s Apple Juice when I was growing up! Mott’s is a great way to give your kids a little something sweet you can still feel good about. It’s also a great way to quench that summer thirst after the kids have been playing hard outside. My son plays baseball, football, and some summer basketball. It seems like he’s always thirsty. I’m glad I have a great juice drink that he enjoys to help him quench that thirst.

motts wild grape surge

If you’re looking for a juice beverage you can feel good about and your kids will love this summer check out the new Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Mott’s Wild Grape Surge. You can find more information on all of Mott’s flavors at the #MottsEveryday web site.

*Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Wild Grape Surge have 15g sugar and the market average of 100% fruit juices and blends have 25g sugar.

**Provides 1 fruit serving per 8 fl oz.  Current USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend a daily intake of 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet.  1 serving = ½ cup of 100% juice.

Homemade Cake Batter Ice Cream With Sprinkles & a Contest!

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One of my favorite summer treats is homemade ice cream! What’s even better than straight up homemade ice cream? Homemade cake batter ice cream with sprinkles of course! What’s even better yet? Having it served up in bed as a late night snack while you’re lounging on your Nature’s Sleep Pillow! Heavenly!

This homemade ice cream recipe is super easy to make! Prep takes less than 10 minutes, and if you have an ice cream maker you can have delicious homemade ice cream in less than 30!

homemade cake batter ice cream recipe with sprinkles Yum!

Homemade Cake Batter Ice Cream With Sprinkles
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6-8
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup milk
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 cup vanilla cake mix
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla ice cream
  • sprinkles
  1. Put all the ingredients(except the sprinkles) into a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour the mixture into your favorite ice cream maker and follow the directions to freeze the ice cream.
  3. When the ice cream is almost complete-frozen add in 2-3 tablespoons of the sprinkles.
  4. Serve topped with more sprinkles.

This recipe is super easy to make and definitely a hit at our house! If you don’t have an ice cream freezer you can also put it in a container in your regular freezer to set up. Just stir it every half hour until it’s the right consistancy.

cake batter- homemade ice cream recipe with sprinkles!

Want to serve up your homemade ice cream in bed? Nature’s Sleep has 40% off their pillows during the month of July! Just enter in the code PILLOW40 at check out!

Enter to win your own Nature’s Sleep Pillow by pinning your favorite homemade ice cream recipes:

Check out all the other homemade ice cream recipes, for even more chances to win!

Summer Popsicle® Rules For Being A Kid Guidebook & Win Popsicle Product!

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Popsicle® Blogger Program. Visit to join the conversation. We’ve had a wonderful summer so far! We just got back from a week in the Outer Banks. We had a wonderful time with my husband’s whole family! We all went together to rent a house on the beach, with a pool! The kids had a blast swimming every day! Of course one of our pool rules was to “Take the plunge!” It’s also one of our favorite rules in the Popsicle Rules For Being A Kid Guidebook. take the plunge rule Of course the kids took the “Take the plunge” rule very seriously! They were diving and jumping in every chance they got! pool party fun No vacation would be complete without a fun sweet treat. We had to enjoy some Popsicles® poolside during our stay! The kids loved the Scribblers, and the Marvel Heroes were a big hit with our own little superheroes. IMG_0660 The kids had a great time taking a plunge with their Popsicles in hand! popsicle pool party Of course the Popsicles® put cute smiles on their faces! popsicle pool party fun Did you submit a rule to the Popsicle® Rules contest? You can check out all the rules for being a kid selected in the Popsicle Rules For Being A Kid Guidebook. Popsicle rules for being a kid guide book A couple more of our favorites include:

  • The Super Rule! ~ Dream big like a superhero! This is a personal favorite of mine since I’m a big kid at heart, and I’m always up for dreaming big!
  • The Good Sport Rule is my son’s favorite! It’s not all about winning. It’s about having fun too. My son loves to have fun with his friends when he’s playing baseball or football. We always remind him he should always have good sportsmanship, even in a heated game. This rule is a wonderful reminder.

Honestly though all of the rules are pretty cool to check out with your kids. Above all have a wonderful summer full of fun!

In honor of the new Rules For Being a Kid Guidebook we also have a super fun giveaway. One lucky Kid’s Fun reader will win 16 Popsicle® free product coupons. That’s a lot of Popsicles® for your summer fun! Just enter on the Rafflecoptor form below. Void where prohibited, open to US residents only.

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Disney Jumping Beans: Planes: Fire and Rescue Clothes Collection at Kohl’s

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.

I’m excited to share you can now get their Planes: Fire and Rescue
gear at Kohl’s even though the movie won’t be hitting theaters until July 18th. The Jumping Beans collection wants to share the exclusive Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue with Kohl’s shoppers both online and in stores starting now!

I think this collection is adorable! I have a couple nephews who are going to love this line! Here are a few of my favorite Planes: Fire and Rescue clothes. I’ve put them together into mix and match outfits. All of these are available from 12 months to 7X.

I love this collection in shades of red, gray and white, including Fleece pants, Slub jersey skater tee hoodie in red, jersey tee, shorts with dazzle piecing, graphic raglan tee and more.

kohls Disneys Planes Fire and Rescue clothes reds shorts-vert

If you’d rather mix and match in orange and navy check out these cute looks!

kohls Disneys Planes Fire and Rescue clothes

These fun pieces can go from cool mornings to warm afternoons at the park, or even a day at the local zoo. Kids won’t mind layering with their favorite Disney characters from the newest Planes movie!

You can check out these fun pieces and more to create your own mix and match looks with the Kohl’s Planes: Fire and Rescue Collection.

Glamping With Nature’s Sleep Pillow & Topper Giveaway

Do you love to camp, or glamp? Even if it’s only in the back yard, you’ll love this prize! One lucky Nature’s Sleep fan is going to win “Glamping With Nature’s Sleep” Prizes include 2 twin toppers and 2 pillows.

Go Glamping (1)
We took our Nature’s sleep topper for a test last week for a backyard camping trip. You can check out our favorite things to take along on a camping trip here: Tips For Planning a Camping Staycation

using a mattress topper for camping comfort

Enter on the form below and don’t forget to join the Twitter party next Tuesday June 24th to find out more details and learn how you can turn camping into glamping, even in your back yard. Follow @NaturesSleep for all the details.

Each of these blogs is also a Nature’s Sleep ambassador. You can hop from one to the other to get more entries in the Glamping With Nature’s Sleep Pillow & Topper Sweepstakes. Good luck!

Don’t want to wait and see if you win? You can get your own Nature’s Sleep Topper or pillow just for camping, or for glamping to add to those not so comfortable camper beds for 40% off during the month of June. Just use the code “topper.”


Gift Ideas For The Tech Grad With Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

It’s definitely graduation season! We’ve received several graduation invitations over the last couple weeks. We have a couple tech fans on our graduation gift list this year, so we’ve been checking out the Best Buy Gift Center for fun gift ideas for the tech grad. My nephew graduates this year and he’s definitely a tech networker. He’s always looking for the latest tech devices to keep him connected when he’s on the go.

Great grad tech gift ideas

The Best Buy Gift Center has quite a few great gift ideas for my techy nephew. He’s heading off to college this fall, so any of these gift ideas will help him stay connected to friends and help him find the resources he needs for his studies and homework including:

  • iPhone 5s
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 13″ Touch-Screen Laptop
  • SONOS Play:1 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music
  • SanDisk Connect 32GB USB 2.0 Wireless Flash Drive
  • Google Chromecast
  • iTunes Gift Card $50
  • Jawbone MINI Jambox Wireless Speaker
  • mophie space pack External Battery Case
  • Surface 2 64GB AT&T 4G LTE
  • Surface Keyboard Cover
  • Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Note 3
  • Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB External USB Portable Hard Drive
  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Dual-Band Wireless-AC Router
  • Speck CandyShell Cell Phone Case

I’ve been thinking about going in with some other family members to get him a Surface 2. We have a Surface at our house, and we absolutely love it! I bought it last year to work on when I’m traveling, but when I’m home my son puts it to good use. It’s fabulous because it works as hard as a laptop, but it’s the size of a tablet. You can do so many things with the Surface 2, including type up papers and homework by installing Microsoft Word, or another desktop publishing application. You can also stay in touch with friends and families with the different chat apps available, with a larger screen than your phone.

We might have to throw in some SOL REPUBLIC JAX Earbud Headphones for his dorm mates, since he likes to listen to his music!

Are you looking for gift ideas for the tech grad on your gift list this summer?

Our Dog’s Purina ONE® Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our dog Emily has always been a Purina dog, from the day we got her from the rescue service, to now. She's always eaten Purina Dog Chow, that's why we were up to test out the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge. We signed up at the end of May. The sign up form is super easy to fill out! 

Day 1: Then it was off to Walmart to purchase a bag of Purina ONE® for the challenge. We decided the Smart Blend would be the best food to meet her needs at this time in her life. The instructions say to mix the Purina ONE® with the dog food you've been feeding your dog, so we mixed the foods half and half for a couple days. Emily loved the Purina ONE®! She was even checking out the bag before we had time to mix her up a bowl!

Day 7: Emily is definitely an active dog! She's older now than she used to be, but she still loves to chase squirrels, cats and anything else that ventures into our yard. She'll wait patiently for hours for that squirrel or cat to come down out of that tree. I've noticed she's a little more alert than normal. 

Day 14: She loves the flavor, and I love that it's easily digestable for her older stomach!

Day 21: She's getting older, and I worry about her eyesight. Purina ONE® has everything she needs to help maintain her, even as she's getting older. Look at these beautiful eyes! How would I not want to keep them as healthy as possible!

Day 28: Emily is an older dog, so she's starting to have a few problems with tarter on her teeth. I love that Purina ONE® can help with her dental health! 

Have you had your dog take the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge yet? 

We will definitely be continuing Emily on Purina ONE® even beyond the challenge, because we are loving the results, and she's loveing the flavor! 



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Enter to Win an HP Printer and PC

I’m a huge HP fan! The last 3 laptops I’ve had have been HP and my printer is of course an HP too. I just got my latest HP as a Christmas present, it’s a fully loaded Envy with Windows 8 and a touch screen. When my friend Megan at Sunshine and Sippy Cups asked me if I’d like to help her give away a new ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One-Printer AND an HP Pavilion X360Pc (Did I mention my last laptop was a Pavilion, and it’s still going strong?) I was all in!


You can enter to win the new ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One-Printer AND an HP Pavilion X360 PC on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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5 Tips for Planning a Camping Staycation

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Your schedule or budget may not be allowing you to jet set this summer, but the good news is with a little creativity, you can plan postcard worthy vacation right in your own backyard. Summer is the perfect time to camp and enjoy the beauty that nature gifts us, so why not plan a camping staycation? It is much easier than you may think, so take a peek below at how you can get planning.

plan backyard camping staycation in style

5 Tips for Planning a Camping Staycation

1. Choose a theme.
Make your campout more fun when you choose a theme. It can be movie themed, Hawaiian themed, 50’s themed, etc. This can help you choose some of the meals, games, and other activities you will enjoy. It is also great for when decorating your camp site!

2. Gather your materials.
You want to make sure you have the basics for your camping staycation. Tents, blankets, sleeping bags, and bug spray are probably the main ones you won’t want to do without. Your local retail store should have these items all at a reasonable cost this time of year. Make a list as a family of the other items you want to include on this staycation.

using a mattress topper for camping comfort

You don’t have to rough it just because you’re sleeping in a tent in the back yard! You can grab a Nature’s Sleep Topper and slide it into your tent under your sleeping bag. Then you an sleep in comfort! Don’t forget to bring your Nature’s Sleep pillow along too!

You can get your own Nature’s Sleep topper just for camping, or to add to those not so comfortable camper beds for 40% off during the month of June. Just use the code “topper.”


3. Build anticipation.
In the week leading up to your staycation, start packing your materials and getting excited! Act just as you would if leaving for a real vacation. Countdown the days, tell friends, pack your materials, etc. You really want the family to get excited as a whole.

4. Organize a menu.
Camping means lots of grilling out. Make sure you plan a menu that will go with the theme of your camping staycation. Enjoy grilling out, cooking on an open fire, and lots of trail mixes and snacks. These meals will make it an authentic experience you are sure to enjoy.

5. Prepare your site.
Once you are ready to begin, prepare your site. A good rule of thumb for an at home, camping staycation is a weekend. Three days is typically perfect for camping out and enjoying the elements in your own yard. Go ahead and pitch your tent, prepare a fire pit, hang patio lights, set up a picnic table, yard games, a kiddie pool, and any other items you wish. Prepare the area for lots of outdoor fun! If weather is not permitting, don’t be afraid to set up your site right in your own living room.

Throughout your camping staycation, stay in the theme and enjoy living in the outdoors (with quick potty trips indoors when you need of course!) and just have fun. Planning a camping staycation is the perfect way to get away without leaving your own backyard…literally! So give one a try and see what adventures you can come up with.

Go Glamping (1)

If you’d like to try to win a Nature’s Sleep mattress topper for your own camping trip you can enter to win from June 21st to July 15th. Check out the #NaturesSleep Twitter party next Tuesday June 24th to find out more details and learn how you can turn camping into glamping, even in your back yard. Follow @NaturesSleep for all the details.

9 Fathers Day Photo Gift Ideas

Are you looking for last minute Father’s Day gift ideas that are personalized with your children as the stars. I have 9 fun Fathers Day photo gift ideas to share with those of you who have procrastinated on their Father’s Day gifts! Some of these you can even create and give today!

Father's Day Photo Gift Collage

Dad Photo Gift~ Paint up the letters DAD then let your child or children hold them while you snap a pic! So cool!

01 - Wait Til Your Father Gets Home - Dad Photo Gift

Easy Father’s Day Frame Craft Idea~ Love this photo craft idea

02 - Simply Kelly Designs - Easy Father's Day Photo Frame

Cell Phone Selfie Father’s Day Card~ Selfies are all the rage right now, why not create a card for dad from your child’s favorite selfie.

03 - Spoonful - Selfie Father's Day Card

Rustic Fish Theme Father’s Day Gift Idea~ Love this rustic frame idea for dad! So fun!

04 - Mod Podge Rocks - Rustic Fishing Photo Frame

Father’s Day Photo Collage~ Use the free printables to create this fun last minute photo collage for Dad!

05 - Positively Splendid - Photo Collage Printable

Dad Photo Name Gift Idea~ Love this idea for using photos to create Dad. Perfect idea for Father’s Day or any day!

06 - Motherhood on a Dime - Photo Name Gift

Just Like You Photo Collage~ Dads will love this idea! Let the kids dress up just like dad and create a fun collage gift!

07 - Wishful Thinking Photography - Father's Day Photo Card

Cute Sidewalk Chalk Photo~ Let your kids get creative with the sidewalk chalk and create a message for dad, then jump in the picture themselves! So cute!

08 - Crafty Texas Girls - Father's Day Photo Idea

Photo Letter Blocks For Dad~ Super fun idea for the little ones to give Dad for Father’s Day!

09 - Stories by Me - Photo Letter Blocks

Now for the tough decision, which one to make for Dad this year! Hmmmm.