9 Cute Easter Dresses For Little Girls

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Easter is about here, if you are still looking for cute Easter dresses for little girls in your life we can help you out. We have put together 9 of our favorite Easter dresses that will go with any style you might be searching for. Rather it is simple or fancy I’m sure you will find some here that will fit her style. Some of these cute little girl’s dresses can be worn for Easter and then for other special occasions also.

Cute little girls easter dresses

Biscotti Girls Easter Basket Dress This  feather looking dress would be a cute a  looking  dress to wear on Easter or even to a wedding.


Caldore Organza Embroidered Dress White and Lilac–For the little girl that loves purple and flowers this dress would be the perfect dress for her to wear for Easter

Kids Dream Lavender Sash Flower Pattern Easter Dress Little Girl-For the little girl that loves flowers and purple  this dress would be perfect for her


Girls Dress Purple Flower White Tulle Pleated–This white and purple dress is a cute dress if you are dressing up to go to church Easter Sunday or just want to dress up

Rare Editions Girls Lilac Soutache Rose Special Occasion Dress–This lilac dress is unique and different after Easter you could wear this to church or to a wedding

Girls Dress Brown Butterfly Double Bow Tie Party Sundress –This brown butterfly dress is also a cute summer dress for a special occassion

Kids Dream Turquoise Floral Lace Bodice Easter Dress Girls–This Turquoise dress is a great dress for Easter or just a Sunday church dress

Sunny Fashion Girls Short Sleeve Butterfly Dot Dress–This butterfly dot dress is so adorable for Easter then afterwards wear it to a summer wedding or a special  event

Bunny applique dress

Bonnie Jean Girl’s Pink Tiered Tutu Bunny Applique Easter Dress–This Tutu dress is so cute what little girl wouldn’t look cute in this dress plus it is pink

Logitech Harmony Smart Wireless Keyboard To Connect All Your Devices

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Logitech Keyboard and app image

I love tech gadgets, and what I love even more is a device that helps me connect all my tech devices together! That’s why I was excited to check out the Logitech Harmony Smart Wireless Keyboard. The Harmony Keyboard is not your ordinary keyboard! It actually consists of several separate pieces. The box includes the Smart Keyboard, two USB connectors, the Harmony Hub, an IR transmitter wire, power adapters and more!

logitech harmony keyboard

The Harmony Smart Keyboard helps make data entry easier for TV-connected Internet and home entertainment devices. Before we had the keyboard I had to hunt and peck for the letters with my Roku remote. It was slow tedious and time consuming! With the Logitech keyboard I can type in information just like I would on a regular keyboard! So much easier!

Logitech Keyboard front angle

Harmony Smart Keyboard makes watching and enjoying movie downloads, live streaming TV and movies, even watching You Tube on the TV right in our living room easier than ever! We’ve been using it for the last week or so with our Roku box. I have to say this is a really cool keyboard! It makes it so easy to enter text on internet-connected entertainment devices. All I have to do is touch the “Movie” Activity button walla! I’m in business! It also has integrated DVR and set-top box controls. I can even control playback and the volume from the Logitech.

I just followed the simple instructions to sync everything up, even my Android phone! It took a little while to set up, and I recommend reading through the entire instructions before you start. You can use the keyboard with your smart devices, like the Roku, Xbox360, Playstation 3, AppleTV, your PC, or MAC. We’ve been using the Logitec keyboard with our Roku box, but my son has an Xbox360 so I’m sure we’ll be trying it with that device soon!

I love the idea of this keyboard, and having all of our tech devices connected together, and so easy to operate with the touch of a few keys!
The Logitech Smart keyboard available now exclusively at Best Buy where it retails for $149.99.

Easter Nest Brownie Bites Recipe

I love all the super cute Easter nest ideas this time of year, and you all know I’m a big fan of brownie bites, so of course I had to combine them! Add  a little green icing and some Easter egg candies (like Hershey’s, or Jelly Beans) and you’ve got a super cute Easter or spring treat idea!

Easter Brownie bites

Easter Nest Brownie Bites Recipe
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
  • 4 oz semi-sweet chocolate
  • ¾ cup butter
  • 1 cups sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3 cups butter cream icing
  • green food color
  • candy eggs like Hershey’s or Jelly Bean
  1. Preheat the oven to 350`F.
  2. In a 3-quart saucepan, combine the semi-sweet chocolate and oil and heat over very low heat until melted. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
  3. In a another mixing bowl, combine the sugar, eggs and vanilla until blended. Add in the chocolate mixture. The remaining dry ingredients should be slowly sifted in, and mix until combined.
  4. Spoon the batter into a mini cupcake pan sprayed with no stick cooking spray.
  5. Bake the brownie bites for about 15 minutes at 350?F, or until the batter just starts to pull away from the edges of the pan.
  6. Let the brownie bites cool for a few minutes in the pan, then gently press a chocolate covered cherry candy into the center of each.
  7. Let the brownies cool before you try to remove them from the pan.

I love these because they’re super easy to assemble! Once the cupcakes are baked, you just need to color the butter cream icing with green food color.

Add the icing to a pastry bag, with a Wilton 1M or another large star decorating tip attached to the end. Swirl the icing around from the inside out to make the nest.

Easter Brownie bites 6

Add a candy egg to the top of each nest and add them to your spring or Easter dessert table for a fun pop of color!.

11Cool Easter Toys Boys Will Love

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We’ve put together a collection of cool Easter toys boys will love! It can be harder to find Easter toys for boys than it is for girls, but that doesn’t have to be. There are quite a few fun toy ideas boys will love to get in their Easter basket! Here are 11 of our favorites!

Easter for Boys

1. 1 Dz Dinosaurs Eggs with Mini toy Dinosaur figures Inside -These really cool eggs are filled with dinosaurs

2. Gift Basket Filled with Toy Story Children Art Supplies-Toy story is popular the boys will love carrying this lunchbox


3. American Plastic Toy Mega Dump Truck-The boys will love filling this up with dirt and rocks

4. Skylanders Swap Force Candy Gift Basket-This skylanders gift basket has really cool stuff for the Easter basket

5. Lego Easter Basket with Eggs -This basket is a different idea for an Easter gift for your little guy


6. 15 Piece Small Size Toy Tools Set, Toy Wrenches, Hammers, Screwdriver, Pliers, As, Saw Toolbox Set, Boys or Toddler Mechanics Carpenter Tools -What little boys don’t like helping around the house

7. Dinosaur Themed Wooden Puzzle-A puzzle is a great gift for the Easter basket


8. Six 2 Inch Mini Sports Toy Balls Basketball Baseball Soccerball Gift -Most boys love playing all kinds of sports this is a great gift to fill the Easter basket

9. Disney Cars Revving 5 in 1 Bubbles Set-Bubbles are always a great Easter basket gift idea

10. WolVol Electric Excavator Construction Truck Toy with Beautiful Flashing Lights and Music-Most little boys would love to have this truck in their basket to play with the lights will catch their eye

11. Marvel Spider Man Spider Sense Lunchbox with 2 Coloring Books and Crayons 4pc Set Bundle-Spiderman is always a hit so this lunch box would be great to take their lunch  to school or to the park for the day

Delicious Sunday Brunch Recipe Ideas

This is a sponsored opportunity with Foodie.com. As always, all opinions are my own.

I remember when I was growing up, we always went to my grandma’s house for Sunday brunch! We would get up in the morning on Sunday, go to church, then head over to grandma’s to spend the day! I remember hanging out and playing with my cousins, and some of my aunts who weren’t that much older than me, but I also remember the food! There was always a delicious smell coming from the kitchen while my grandma was cooking our Sunday meal.

Delicious sunday brunch recipes

I thought I’d put together a collection of recipes reminiscent of that Sunday brunch we used to have growing up. You can check out the whole collection at Foodie by clicking on the widget image below, or flip through and check out your favorite recipes right here:

I’ve included a couple egg casserole recipes. Egg casseroles were a staple for Sunday brunch when I was growing up, so I’ve included a couple that look and sound really delicious! I also have some French toast, and French toast bake recipes in my collection. Many of these recipes you can make ahead, or even the night before and just pop them in the oven about an hour before you’re ready to serve.

Of course I’ve also included some delicious recipes just to hit that sweet spot for dessert after Sunday brunch, including some muffins, cookies and our very own chocolate covered bacon cupcakes. You’ve got to have plenty of bacon for a brunch, right? Yum!

These recipes would be perfect for any Sunday brunch, but especially for Easter Sunday, which is coming up fast! Or maybe for a yummy Mother’s Day Sunday brunch in May? Or any other special occasion to get the family together on a Sunday morning!

Do you have a family Sunday brunch tradition?

Send Birthday Wishes With A Fun Video eCard from American Greetings

This post brought to you by eCards from American Greetings. All opinions are 100% mine.

My son's birthday is coming up in a few weeks! When he was younger he was a big fan of the cards that sing to you when you open them up. He's a teenager now, and he'll tell you he's too cool for that kind of thing these days, but deep down he's still a big kid at heart.  We've gone to Cancun the last couple years, so I thought the Slice Of Paradise card would be perfect for him! It was super easy to create the card. I just clicked on the one I wanted and put in the personalized info, like his name, my name, etc.

Then I clicked preview so I could check out the video ecard I created, and laughed my way through! This is so fun! Once I previewed it I hit send and we all watched the card together. We had so much fun bopping along with the coconuts and lemons. Hah! 

Video eCards are super cool because you can even send them on the day of the event via email, through Facebook, or direct to their phone via text message! If you almost forgot a friend or loved one's birthday they don't need to know, just slip into the American Greetings website and create your card. It's quick and easy, and you can craft the perfect personalized message. The best part is you can even attach a gift card to your American Greetings eCard. Check out this fun video eCard. 

American Greetings offers a 7 day trial membership, and 3 very affordable plans: $3.99 monthly, $19.99 for a yearly membership, or $29.99 for a year. 

Have you ever created your own video eCard? It doesn't even have to be a special occasion! You can craft an eCard just to let a friend or love done know you're thinking about them! You can Learn more at the American Greetings website.

You can also find out more information and check out cool card ideas if you like American Greetings on Facebook or follow American Greetings on Twitter

What are you waiting for? Make your American Greetings eCard now. Who do you have that could use an American Greetings eCard today? 

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Get Free Shipping at Sears and Kmart With The Shop Your Way Max

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Have you heard of Max? Well I’m here to tell you there are millions of reasons get to know Max!

Max is such the gentleman! He opens the doors and carries your bags. He brings gifts (delivered in two-days or less!). Max is the real deal. And at just $39/year, he’s a steal. The other guy is just past his PRIME.

Today I’m going to introduce you to Max, or Shop Your Way MAX to be exact! Max offers free two-day shipping on Sears and Kmart merchandise for just $39/year. Shop Your Way MAX is available to members of Shop Your Way, a free online social shopping program that offers perks and points whenever you shop at Sears or Kmart. Click here to join Shop Your Way now and start saving.

FREE 2-day shipping_v3[1]

At just $39/year, Shop Your Way MAX is PRIME for the taking. Members get free two-day shipping on tons of items, from tools and clothing to footwear and more. Yes, there are millions of reasons to love Max, but 39 will do.


It’s PRIME TIME to become a member of Shop Your Way MAX – it’s free for 90 days! Sign up and activate free two-day shipping for just $39/year.

Check Out Our Chocolate Covered Bacon Cupcakes! ~#FamilyDollarMore4Less Recipe Contest

This post is sponsored by Family Dollar all opinions are my own.

I’m excited to be participating with some of my favorite foodie bloggers in the Family Dollar More For Less Recipe Challenge! Each blogger has created a fabulous recipe for the contest, using only Family Dollar ingredients, from their new and expanded food line. I think all of the recipes look and sound delicious and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to participate and to share this contest with you!

I’m participating this fun recipe contest with an original chocolate covered bacon cupcake recipe I created for under $15 in ingredients from Family Dollar. The best part is if you share your favorite #FamilyDollarMore4Less recipe, YOU will be entered to win FREE GROCERIES for a year!


You can go share our chocolate covered bacon cupcakes, or your favorite recipe here: Family Dollar Food Contest. Here is our yummy cupcake recipe:

chocolate covered bacon cupcakes ~ cream cheese icing

5.0 from 8 reviews

Chocolate Covered Bacon Cupcakes
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
  • 1¼ cup Family Gourmet Flour
  • 1 teaspoon Family Gourmet Baking Powder
  • ¼ cup Family Gourmet Butter
  • ½ cup Family Gourmet Sugar
  • 2 Sun-Ups Eggs
  • ⅓ cup milk
  • 1 cup Family Gourmet Vanilla Extract
  • ⅓ cup Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
  • ½ bag Hershey’s Chocolate Chips
  • 8 slices Bar S Bacon
  • Cream Cheese Frosting:
  • 4 cups Family Gourmet Powdered Sugar
  • 1- 8 ounce Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • 6 teaspoons water
  1. Cook the bacon according to the package directions.
  2. Melt about ½ bag of Hershey’s chocolate chips in a double boiler, or by microwaving 30 seconds at a time and stirring between until melted.
  3. Dredge the cooked bacon through the melted chocolate and lay it out on parchment or wax paper to cool and harden. Leave the tips without chocolate.
  4. Once the chocolate has hardened, cut or break the chocolate covered bacon into small pieces. Reserve the bacon ends to top your cupcakes.
  5. Preheat the oven to 350`F
  6. Cream together the butter and sugar in a medium mixing bowl.
  7. Add in the eggs, milk, vanilla, and chocolate syrup.
  8. In a separate bowl combine the flour and baking powder.
  9. Slowly add the flour mixture to the rest of the ingredients, mixing on low until thoroughly combined.
  10. Fold in the chocolate covered bacon bits.
  11. Pour into cupcake cups, filling them about ⅔ to ¾ of the way full.
  12. Bake at 350` F for about 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  13. Place the cupcakes onto a cooling rack to cool completely.
  14. While the cupcakes are cooling mix up the cream cheese icing by combining the cream cheese, powdered sugar and water in a medium mixing bowl and mixing on low until well combined.
  15. Ice the cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting and top with the chocolate covered bacon ends.

chocolate covered bacon cupcakes with cream cheese icing

Of course I’m partial to our chocolate covered bacon recipe, but we’re up against some stiff competition! Like I said above there are some fabulous food bloggers participating!

Please vote for our cupcakes & retweet this:


You can check out all the fabulous recipes here: #FamilyDollarMore4Less Food Challenge.


While you’re there don’t forget to share and vote so you’ll be eligible to possibly win the groceries for a year! Of course we’d love it if you vote for the chocolate covered bacon cupcakes while you’re there! :-)

Coming Soon! Family Dollar More for Less Recipe Challenge #FamilyDollarMore4Less

This post is sponsored by Family Dollar all opinions are my own. I’m excited to be participating with some of my favorite foodie bloggers in the Family Dollar More For Less Recipe Challenge starting tomorrow! Each blogger has created a mouth watering recipe for the contest, using only Family Dollar ingredients for under $15. I think all of the recipes look and sound delicious! I can’t wait to share them all with you! We made chocolate covered bacon cupcakes, since chocolate covered bacon is all the rage right now and of course we think ours is the best! But we’ll leave that up to you when the voting starts! FD_FoodPromo-Spotlight-March21   The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to meet and cook with celebrity chef Pat Neely! So cool! But there’s also something in it for you! The best part is one of our readers could win free groceries for a year! Have you visited your local Family Dollar lately? They have a wide selection of groceries to choose from and you could win a years worth. All you have to do is go to FamilyDollar.com starting tomorrow and vote for your favorite recipe.

Stay tuned for more details!

Catch It All With Best Buy! UD In The Elite 8! Keeping Track With Multiple Screens

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

We’re super excited here in Ohio! The University of Dayton, one of our hometown teams won again in their March Madness bid to defy all the odds! We just watched them win again tonight! Woot! This is the first time they’ve gotten this far in over 30 years, so you can bet the community is stoked! Of course we have to keep ourselves updated and in on all the latest March Madness news, so it definitely requires multiple screens!

catch it all

I live on my PC, so I can stay connected to what’s going on even when I’m working. When I’m away from home my go to device is of course my phone! The March Madness games can even be streamed live with the help of outside apps like Slingbox. The thing is I don’t even have to figure out how to make it happen! Best Buy helps me stay connected to the excitement with the devices and connectivity that make it possible! They will also provide the know how to make it all happen!

Your March Madness brackets and games can be brought to life by the Best Buy promise of the latest devices and services, all in one place.You can check out how to get all the action streaming live on your favorite device here: Multi Screen Entertainment

Now we’re ready for the next big game! UD has blown up all the brackets, it’s exciting to see how far they’ll go! You can bet we’ll be tuning in wherever we are!

How do you keep track of your favorite March Madness teams and brackets? Is your favorite team still in the running? Have you tried streaming the games live from your tablet or phone?

Spring Style Trends~ What’s Hot This Spring? #SpringAtKohls

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kohl’s. I received a gift card as a thank you for participating

I’m so excited Spring is finally here! That means it’s time for some fun updates to my dreary wardrobe! The Kohl’s Spring Fashion Hangout has some great tips on what trends are happening this spring! I’m super excited to hear that the color pink is in this spring! Girly shirts and roll-cuffed denim are also fun pieces that are really popular this spring! I love adding bright pops of color to my wardrobe in the spring with a lightweight scarf, or some fun heels in fun spring colors.
kohls spring trends

I’m excited about the warmer weather coming and I’m planning to take Kohl’s fashion advice and wear plenty of pink! I think a trip to Kohl’s for some spring shopping is in order! If you want to check out the latest spring trends or yourself you can check out the Kohl’s Spring Fashion Hangout. Make sure you let us know what your favorite spring fashion trends are this year!

11 Easter Peep Recipe Ideas

Are you a fan of Easter Peeps? Are you looking for some Easter Peep recipe ideas? Even if you’re not, these recipes might just make you a believer! Check out all the yummy and cute ways you can incorporate Peeps into your cooking and food table displays this spring and Easter.


Easter Peeps Recipes

Cupcakes with marshmallow icing- These cupcakes are super cute and easy to make and  the marshmallow icing is so delicious like melt in your mouth.

Peeps Pudding Cups–What a super cute idea to make these peeps pudding cups. All the kids will love these plus they will be fun to eat also.


Peeps Easter Bouquet-This Easter peep bouquet is a really cute idea to take to a party or a dinner as your dessert to bring.

Peeps Dip-Dips are always a good thing to make to take to  get togethers, this peeps dip would be a good one to take. It will be a good conversation piece also on how to make it.

Peeps Rice Krispies Treats-All the little and old family or co workers will love these rice krispies treats.


Mini Cupcake Pops-How adorable are these cupcake pops they are so much  easier to eat then regular cupcakes. Maybe the kids won’t be as messy with these.

Chocolate Covered Peeps- For all you chocolate lovers that love marshmallows  also these pops are sure to be a thing you will love. Chocolate+marshmallow= delicious

Easter Bunny Cupcakes-  These easter bunny cupcakes would be a great center piece put them on a plate and some Easter grass and you have a cute center piece.

White Chocolate Dipped Peeps- These are the cutest easiest white chocolate dipped peeps the kids will love this twist in their Easter basket

Skate Boarding Peeps-These skateboarding peeps would be a hit for all the little ones in their Easter basket or just for fun to make then eat them afterwards

Rice Krispies Treat Peeps Pizza- Rice Krispies and peeps are loved in our house so this would be great to take to Easter dinner for a dessert



You Can Be A Super Hero With DC Comics and Big G #SuperHeroing #CerealHeroes

Many thanks to Big G for sponsoring today’s discussion and helping us find our inner super hero.

My niece is a Big G cereal fan, one of her breakfast favorites is Trix! She’s also a super hero fan, so we were excited to find the DC Comics JUSTICE LEAGUE super hero masks and other costume pieces on the back of her favorite cereals! Remember when you were a kid how much fun it was to get cereal prizes! The DC Comics masks and comic books in specially marked Big G cereal are definitely fun! We cut out the mask on the back of the Twix.

Trix cereal big g

Of course she had to try the mask on while she was munching on her cereal.

Big G Cereal Justice league masks

Then some breakfast silliness ensued.

Big G Cereal Justice league masks and books

With a fun game of peek a boo around the boxes. You can never outgrow your favorite super heroes!

Justice League mask

Did I mention there’s also a JUSTICE LEAGUE comic book in the specially marked Big G cereal boxes? You can check out all the comic books available here: Big G Cereal Heroes

justice league books in big k cereal

My niece enjoyed kicking back and checking out her favorite super heroes. The comic books all have a fun activity on the back, and kids can start their super hero stories in the books, and finish them online at the Big G website. So fun!

The DC COMICS JUSTICE LEAGUE Super Hero team includes:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • Aquaman
  • Cyborg

You can find super hero costume pieces and comic books on and in the following Big G cereals:

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ (12.2 oz. and 21.25 oz.)
  • Lucky Charms™ (20.5 oz.)
  • Honey Nut Cheerios™ (12.25 oz. and 21.6 oz.)
  • Trix™ (10.7 oz.)
  • Cookie Crisp™ (11.25 oz.)
  • Reese’s® Puffs® (13 oz.)

A bonus fifth issue is available in Cheerios at Target. But hurry and add to your collection, these specially marked boxes are only available until the supply lasts at the end of April!

You can find more  information on the JUSTICE LEAGUE comics and the #superheroing promotion, visit the General Mills website help your children harness their inner super hero.

Join Us For The #FunKidsEats Twitter Party~ Target Gift Cards Up For Grabs! w/ @ItsMomtastic

It’s party time! I’m super excited to be helping Momtastic as a co-host for their  first-ever Twitter party! I’m also excited to be able to invite you to join in on the fun! Be sure to join in on the Twitter party to share and give some awesome advice. You just might win some awesome prizes while you’re there like a Target gift card! Check out all the details and RSVP below. *I’m a contributing writer at Momtastic.


What: The #FunKidsEats Twitter Party

Why: March is EatRight.org’s National Nutrition Month! We’re hosting a fast paced and fun discussion for moms only, sharing ideas, recipes, tips, and tricks for making eating fun and healthy for kids.

When: Thursday, March 27 2014 at 5PM PST/8PM EST (the party will be 1 hour long)

Who: Hosted by Momtastic: @itsmomtastic, Kids Fun Review: @linetteg, and The Naptime Chef @thenaptimechef

WIN: Between 5-6PM PST, we’ll be giving away (4) $50 Target gift cards and (1) $200 Target gift card to random participants in the #FunKidsEats twitter party! To be eligible, you must follow the hostesses on Twitter: @itsmomtastic @linetteg and @thenaptimechef (follow us now!) and engage on the hashtag #FunKidsEats during the party.

We’ll be asking for your genius ideas on topics like:

  • What are the fail proof, HEALTHY snacks you put in your kids’ lunch boxes that they always eat?
  • What’s your favorite kid-friendly cookbook or web resources for healthy, yummy recipes that kids love?
  • Do you cook with your kids? What are some fun ways to get your kids involved in cooking?
  • What do you do when your kiddo refuses to eat all the veggies on their dinner plate?

And of course, we’ll be sharing our own ideas and tips, too!

  1. List your “name” as your twitter handle (e.g. @itsMomtastic)
  2. List your url as your Twitter web address (e.g. http://twitter.com/itsmomtastic)

Your name will be publicly added to the list of attendees right here for you to mix and mingle beforehand!

10 Fun Easter Toy Ideas For Girls

Some links in this post are sponsored or affiliate links.

Easter is a little late this year, but it’s still coming up fast along with spring, yay! Are you looking for fun Easter toy ideas for girls on your bunny list this year? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Easter toy ideas for little girls.

girls easter gift ideas

1. Easter stickers-  So fun! These little stickers are really cool for the little girls to make crafty things. easter sticker book

2. Disney Tinkerbell Toddler Backpack & Fairies Insulated Lunch Bag Set- What little girl wouldn’t love this Tinkerbell backpack to carry with them everywhere they go? So much fun for a trip to grandma’s house, or to take all their Easter goodies to share on Easter morning!

3. Bunny Backpack- A super cute alternative to an Easter basket! Pack all the Easter goodies into the backpack. Put a little tissue paper in the bottom, and place the goodies on top so they’re sticking out the top of the backpack! Afterward, the little girls in your family will love packing their things in the bunny back pack

lamb backpack

4. Plush Peter Rabbit- Little girls love to snuggle and cuddle! For all those little girls that need a snuggle this Peter Rabbit plush toy would be a  huge hit!


5. Small Plush Bunny
- Need a smaller cuddle friend for small hands? This really cute little cuddly bunny comes in green or pink

6. Giddy-up Princess Mini Blendy Storybook Box Activity Kit ~For those little girls that love to draw these blendy pens are a great idea for being creative. They are perfect for their Easter basket

7. Bunnies Bay Furst Purse-How cute would this be for your little girl’s first purse

8. Hide and Squeak Eggs- cute game for the little girls to play with their siblings

9. Beanie baby Max and Ruby-For all the Max and Ruby fans this Ruby doll is so cute and cuddly

10. Playschool Weebles- The Weebles are so cute they wobble but they don’t fall down.

Do you have a favorite Easter toy idea for girls? We’d love to hear what’s on your list this spring!

New Spring and Summer Line at Dollar General

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so ready for spring! With spring, of course, comes warm weather, shorts, short sleeves and bright colors! This year I had a chance to check out the new spring line at Dollar General. I was in our local store today, and I found some really cute spring clothes that didn’t break the bank! Check out everything I got for just over $50!

I picked up a new workout outfit so I can get out and walk this spring. I love the pink and black! They also had this same outfit in green and black. I had a hard time deciding which one to pick. I may have to go back and pick up the other one!

I also picked up 2 super cute crinkle tops. One in white and one in yellow. I love the butterfly on the back of the white shirt! It’s fabulous!

Here it is close up in more detail. I love, love, love this shirt! I can’t wait to wear it in a couple weeks!

These two tops will look super cute this spring and summer layered with a light sweater or with a white tank underneath. I scored a pair of black capris that will go great with either of these tops. We’re heading to the beach for a week this summer, and these two tops will also work well as swimsuit cover ups!

The last piece I picked up was a little black summer dress. It will also go great by itself, or with the capris. This spring I can wear it with a light sweater, and it will be great for that trip to the beach as a swimsuit cover up, or even to wear out for an evening on the town.

Dollar General had some super cute clothes for kids including these adorable camouflage flip flops for little boys. I just wish my son’s feet were small enough to fit in them!

You can even shop apparel online and check out Dollar General’s spring and summer line.

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March Kids Lion and Lamb Craft Ideas

March, is it in like a lion out like a lamb, or is it in like a lamb or out like a lion? This year it was definitely in like a lion here in Ohio! It’s still to be determined whether it will be out like a lamb or not! I thought I’d put together some fun March lion and lamb craft ideas for kids to do this month while they try to decide whether March will go out like a lion or a lamb.

march lion and lamb craft ideas

Lion Crafts

First up~ your kids will roar like a lion over these fun lion craft ideas!


Lion Paper Plate Craft~ This is one of our Kid’s Fun favorites!

lion plate cover

Toddler Lion Paper Plate Craft Idea~ Here’s a simpler version of the lion paper plate craft even the younger crowd can help make.


Lion Fondant Craft~ You could also make these with play dough!

Lion Hand Print Craft~ Fun craft idea for kids learning the alphabet, or learning to craft.

Lion Pencil Topper~ A super easy lion craft idea for school age kids.

Lamb Crafts

Or maybe your kids want to cuddle up with a friendly little lamb craft this March!

Yarn Sheep 4

Fuzzy Lamb Craft~ Love these! They’re sure to make your kid’s smile!

Adorable little lamb egg craft~ Super easy and super cute for Easter or March.


We love this lamb craft idea made with cotton balls and twigs!

Rainbow Lamb Craft~ Love this yarn rainbow craft with cute little lambs!

Paper Plate Lamb Craft~ You can pair this with the paper plate lion craft!

These are some of our favorite lion and lamb craft ideas! We’d love to hear about yours! If you’re looking for more check out our March Lion and Lamb Pinterest Board

Fun Dr Seuss Party Ideas For Kids

March is national reading month and Dr. Seuss’ birthday month. We think that’s a great reason to celebrate reading so we thought we’d put together some Dr Seuss party ideas for kids to share with you today. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite Dr. Seuss party foods, DIY party decorations, games, and more!


Who Doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? If you are planning a party and can’t think of a theme Dr Seuss would be a great theme to use! You can pair it with bright fun colors to help bring your party to life. We have put together a few ideas for you to get started. All you have to do it click on the links and you are on your way to a great and fun Dr Seuss party ideas for your class or kids.

dr seuss marshmallows

Decorated Marshmallow Pops-These marshmallow pops  are really cool for all ages

dr seuss party mantle

Easy Book Mantle Party Decorations- We love this really easy decorating idea for a Dr Seuss party! Place your Dr. Seuss books around the room! They’ll make great party decorations as your guests arrive, and you can read a couple to the kids later in the party!

dr seuss cootie catcher-001

Dr. Seuss Cootie Catcher-Who wouldn’t like a cootie catcher at their party. This would be a super fun game to let the kids play! Then they can take a Dr. Seuss cootie catcher home as a party favor to share with their families!

one fish two fish treats

One Fish,Two Fish Jelly Treats-Everyone likes good jello why not try making these for your party


Party Treats and Dr. Seuss Drinks- This is a great idea for setting up your menu for your party. There’s a complete list of Dr. Seuss party snacks and some fun Dr. Seuss party drink ideas!

dr seuss diy party decorations

Dr Seuss Door wreath-A door wreath in Dr Suess is a neat idea when having a Dr. Seuss party to put on the door to welcome your guests into your home!

lorax party ideas

Lorax Party Time Ideas-Really cool idea for setting up your party table for a Lorax Dr. Seuss party theme. We love this party display!

dr seuss party supplies

Dr. Seuss Party Supplies
~ Looking for the party supplies to finish off your Dr. Seuss party, check these out!

Looking for more Dr Seuss party ideas? Check out our Dr Seuss Pinterest Board.

Change Up Your Spring Decor With The @Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.

I love the promise of spring and change, and I also love to change up my home decor in the spring, even if it’s just small changes! Nothing livens up your household (and your spirit) like a newly decorated home. It makes everything feel fresh and new.

This spring, I’ve been hearing things like ‘grey is the new beige’, ‘blue is in’ and ‘light wood finishes are back.’ I don’t like to decorate my home with the latest trends, but I do like to keep it updated and fresh. Cue Kmart’s Semi Annual Home Sale! Winter has wreaked havoc on our house! It seems like we were stuck indoors for months! My house feels like this one: Take Back Your Home Video. Endless snow days this year and lingering holiday décor has kept the house in a bit of a turmoil. Now that spring is around the corner, it’s time for a change! What do you think? Are you ready for a change too? I think it’s time to take back your home!

At the Kmart Semi Annual Home Sale, you’ll find major savings on décor and furniture for your bed, bath, living room and kitchen. Like this double recliner I think will go perfect in my living room!

double recliner

From bright colors to fresh finishes, you’ll save on everything you need to take your home from winter blues to stylish in spring. And with the points you’ll earn on redecorating, you’ll be able to redeem them on next season’s decorating trends (whatever they may be)!

Are you a Shop Your Way Member? Members Get $5 Back in Points on Every $30 Spent in Home! Check out the details here: Get $5 Back in Points

Bunny Snack Mix Recipe

You always leave cookies for Santa, but what about the Easter Bunny? Do you have an Easter Bunny snack mix to leave the Easter Bunny when he visits your house to leave Easter goodies? I have a fun bunny snack mix recipe to share with you today. The best part is there is enough bunny snack mix for the kids to snack on too.
Bunny Snack Mix Recipe
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 3-4
  • 2 C. Mini Marshmallows (you could also use multi-colored mini marshmallows)
  • 1 C. Annie’s Bunny Graham Snack Crackers
  • 1 C. Jelly Beans
  1. Combine the mini marshmallows, graham snack crackers, and the Jelly Beans and store in a large Ziploc type bag or airtight container for up to 2 weeks before Easter.
  2. When Easter comes take out your bunny snack mix and put it into a small decorative bowl or add them to silicone cupcake liners.
  3. Place them out on the night before Easter for the Easter Bunny to snack on while he’s hiding the eggs and Easter baskets.

You can find silicon baking cups at Amazon here: Silicone Baking Cups

This snack mix is yummy, so you might want to double or triple the recipe and hide some away to save it for the Easter Bunny! If it all gets eaten, that’s OK! It’s super easy to make more!


Do you leave a snack out for the Easter bunny?